Moving to a new home? Time to create a home inventory

Just bought a home? While you’re moving in, it’s a great time to complete a home inventory.

With all the items in an average household, documenting your belongings can help you file an accurate and timely claim should you ever need to. When moving into a new home, many families buy new appliances or furniture and in some cases get rid of other items. Here are the three components of an effective home inventory:

Photos or video

You can take photos or video, but you’ll want shots of entire rooms and close-ups of items such as electronics, jewelry, collectibles, guns or any items of significant value. It’s a good idea if you’re using video to provide narration as you walk through each room, explaining what you’re recording.

A written inventory.

You’ll also want to prepare a written inventory of your belongings. Use a blank sheet of paper or a worksheet like this one from the National Association of Realtors. The Insurance Information Institute offers suggestions for creating such an inventory. Include receipts, serial numbers or any other identifying information.

Safe storage.

If you have a fireproof safe, keep both your visual and written inventories there or in another safe place. You also may want to keep a copy off-site as well, in a safe-deposit box or with a trusted friend or family member. If your inventory is saved electronically, make sure it’s backed up. Having a home inventory makes dealing with a home disaster a lot less stressful. Could you imagine trying to recount every single item in your home that was damaged, destroyed or stolen? You’ll feel better knowing you’re prepared for the unexpected!

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